Relief Fund recipients who included a Future Extraordinary Expenditure Plan in their application were required to expend those funds by December 1, 2020, and report on the use of these funds by December 15, 2020. Applicants not reporting on their expenditures will be required to repay their expenditure plan amounts.

For more information, please email wbc.brp@wyo.gov with the subject line "Expenditure Plan".


Applicants were allowed to apply for funds in the following categories based on estimated needs between the application date and December 1, 2020. Reporting will be required by December 15, 2020. 

  • Future Payroll Expenses (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Payroll can only include continued payroll expenses specifically due to COVID-19.  

    • Future Payroll could include: Expenses related to paying new or current staff to comply with health orders (cleaning, temperature checks, training, etc.), COVID-19 compliance expenses, etc. 

    • Future Payroll CANNOT include: Normal business operation payroll expenses. 

  • Future Business Supplies (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Business Supplies can only include supplies necessary to operate the business during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    • Future Business Supplies could include: office supplies, serving supplies, and other supplies needed to continue normal business operations during COVID-19. 

    • Future Business Supplies CANNOT include: Any supplies expenses that the business would have continued to incur if COVID had not happened.   

  • Future Business Equipment (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future business equipment can only include equipment expenses specifically due to COVID-19.  

    • Future Business Equipment could include: future expenses for computers and equipment for telework, protective barriers, telephones, food serving equipment, personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, sanitizer dispensers, etc.), thermometers, etc.  

    • Future Business Equipment CANNOT include: Any equipment expenses that would have been incurred if COVID didn't happen.   

  • Future Business Rent & Mortgage (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Business Rent & Mortgage can only include rent and mortgage expenses incurred specifically due to COVID-19

    • Future Business Rent and Mortgage could include: Continued expenses resulting from renting out or purchasing an office or workspace to comply with social distancing. (An office space or building must have already been bought or rented at time of application)  

    • Future Business Rent and Mortgage CANNOT include: Any business rent/mortgage that the business would’ve incurred had COVID-19 not happened.  

  • Future Other (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Other can only include other expenses that are a direct result and due to COVID-19

    • Past Other could include: Any other expenses that will continue to be incurred as a DIRECT result of COVID-19.   

    • Past Other CANNOT include: Any expenses that the business regularly incurs in the absence of COVID


I can't log in to see my application.  How do I know what I applied for?

You will be able to access your application in early November. Hopefully you used the tools available to you when you applied for funds to determine your requested amount and kept your worksheet and calculations on hand for reporting purposes.

I think I requested too much.  Can I just send it back now?

Please email us at wbc.brp@wyo.gov to discuss your options.

What should I keep track of?

Please keep track of any receipts or invoices that demonstrate funds spent on COVID-related expenses from the date of your application to December 1, 2020.

How will I have to report?

We will send you information via email for reporting requirements and instructions later in November. We anticipate the reporting window will open in early December.

Do I have to use the money exactly in the categories I put on the application?

As long as the uses can be documented and are COVID-related, the specific categories are not as important.

What are the eligible COVID-related expenses?

See above definitions. Categories include: payroll, business supplies, business equipment, rent, and mortgage.

Do I have to use the full amount listed in my expenditure plan even if I received less than that amount in grant funding?

You will only need to report on funds up to the total amount received, regardless of how much you put into your expenditure plan. Please note that all information submitted in the application is subject to audit, so it is important that you accurately reflect losses and expenses. Additionally, if you are not going to spend the full amount you received, please contact us via email at wbc.brp@wyo.gov and alert us to that fact. We can then send you the procedure for returning funds.

Do I have to pay for the expenses out of my business account? Can I use my credit card to pay for these expenses?

You can pay for expenses in any way that works in your business model; you will just need to keep receipts and invoice records to document those eligible purchases.

Is there a form that I can download to keep track of my expenses?

We do not have a designated form for tracking expenses as each entity uses different methods of accounting. We find that an online spreadsheet works well, or just paper and pencil for some.

What is the difference between regular award and expenditure plan award?

The regular award was to help recover operating or extraordinary COVID expenses that occurred beginning March 13 and the application date. The expenditure plan was used to forecast ongoing extraordinary COVID expenses from the date of the application to December 1, 2020.

What if I don't spend all my Expenditure Plan by December 1, 2020?

During the application process, you certified to the following: “Applicant understands and acknowledges that failure to comply with these terms and certifications may result in the WBC requiring an eligible business to repay all funds provided...plus interest at a rate of two percent (2%) per annum from funding date of the stipend.” We strongly encourage you to expend all funds recieved appropriately and in a timely manner in order to avoid repayment plus interest. Contact your local WBC Regional Director or email wbc.brp@wyo.gov with any questions or concerns.

If you have more questions about your previous Relief Fund or Mitigation Fund application, please email wbc.brp@wyo.gov.