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Relief Fund recipients who included a Future Extraordinary Expenditure Plan in their application were required to expend those funds by December 1, 2020, and report on the use of these funds by December 15, 2020. Applicants not reporting on their expenditures will be required to repay their expenditure plan amounts.

For more information, please email with the subject line "Expenditure Plan".


Applicants were allowed to apply for funds in the following categories based on estimated needs between the application date and December 1, 2020. Reporting will be required by December 15, 2020. 

  • Future Payroll Expenses (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Payroll can only include continued payroll expenses specifically due to COVID-19.  

    • Future Payroll could include: Expenses related to paying new or current staff to comply with health orders (cleaning, temperature checks, training, etc.), COVID-19 compliance expenses, etc. 

    • Future Payroll CANNOT include: Normal business operation payroll expenses. 

  • Future Business Supplies (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Business Supplies can only include supplies necessary to operate the business during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    • Future Business Supplies could include: office supplies, serving supplies, and other supplies needed to continue normal business operations during COVID-19. 

    • Future Business Supplies CANNOT include: Any supplies expenses that the business would have continued to incur if COVID had not happened.   

  • Future Business Equipment (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future business equipment can only include equipment expenses specifically due to COVID-19.  

    • Future Business Equipment could include: future expenses for computers and equipment for telework, protective barriers, telephones, food serving equipment, personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, sanitizer dispensers, etc.), thermometers, etc.  

    • Future Business Equipment CANNOT include: Any equipment expenses that would have been incurred if COVID didn't happen.   

  • Future Business Rent & Mortgage (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Business Rent & Mortgage can only include rent and mortgage expenses incurred specifically due to COVID-19

    • Future Business Rent and Mortgage could include: Continued expenses resulting from renting out or purchasing an office or workspace to comply with social distancing. (An office space or building must have already been bought or rented at time of application)  

    • Future Business Rent and Mortgage CANNOT include: Any business rent/mortgage that the business would’ve incurred had COVID-19 not happened.  

  • Future Other (Between Application Date and December 1, 2020): 

    • Future Other can only include other expenses that are a direct result and due to COVID-19

    • Past Other could include: Any other expenses that will continue to be incurred as a DIRECT result of COVID-19.   

    • Past Other CANNOT include: Any expenses that the business regularly incurs in the absence of COVID

If you have more questions about your previous Relief Fund or Mitigation Fund application, please email

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